"Keep In Mind" - $15.00

This CD was recorded in January of 2017. Here is the song list...

1. Cold Sheets Of Rain

2. Bluebirds Are Singing

3. The Best Thing (original)

4. How Mountain Gals Can Love

5. Steel Rails

6. Jolene

7. Keep In Mind (original)

8. Wild Bill Jones

9. Traveling Down The Blue Road

10. Head Over Heels

11. Rocky Top

12. Coal Miner's Daughter

13. Doin My Time

14. Rocky Comfort Blues (original)

15. Lonesome Pine

16. Riding on That Midnight Train


"First Mile" - $5.00

The members of the band were different at the time. Mark Lewis on bass and William Browning on rhythm guitar and tenor vocals. Here is the song list for this one....